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The Wheel of Consent

The Wheel of Consent
May 14-16, 2021
FOR COUPLE - In English

Lorenzo Stiernquist

The Wheel of Consent is a fantastic tool for you who want to learn how to feel more pleasure, to know what you want, have clearer boundaries, and communicate better. It helps you to say no easier and also ask for what you really want, need, and long for in your relationships.

The online course has almost the same structure as a "regular" course for couples where you do all the exercises with your partner or friend, while all instructions, theory sessions, and sharing will be on Zoom (video conference). You get the opportunity to develop your relationship and do the exercises at home in a safe and relaxed environment. At the same time, you get new inspiration and contact with other people, which can be very nice now that we can not attend courses in the same way as usual due to the coronavirus. Below you can read more about how the course works practically, but first, a little more about the Wheel of Consent.

❁ The Wheel of Consent
Sometimes, when we hug a person, for example, we can experience how we both give and receive at the same time and that it feels wonderful. But in other situations when it does not feel good, we may need to clarify certain things. You may have had the experience of being touched, but at the same time been unsure whether the touch was for you or the other person's sake. Or you may have touched another person without first finding out if you really want it or if the other person wants it. Or been confused about whether you touch in the way you want to touch or if you touch in the way you think the other person wants to be touched or that you touch in the way you wish you want to touch ... Sometimes it can be emotional chaos, and that is when the Wheel of Consent comes in and can help you sort out the mess.

The Wheel of Consent is like a "map" that helps you navigate as you interact with other people. It clarifies who is doing and who it is for. In other words, who is giving a gift and who is receiving a gift. Because then it also becomes clear who needs to communicate their needs and desires and who is responsible for communicating their boundaries. The Wheel of Consent can also function as a common "language" that makes it easier to communicate and ensure that everything is done with consent.

❁ The content
You will have the opportunity to do different exercises (usually with touch) and learn the Wheel of Consent and in that way learn more about:
- consent and boundaries
- how to feel more pleasure
- have fun and at the same time develop and
  deepen your relationship
- how you can feel more secure in an interaction
- how you can make conscious choices about touch
- the four different ways of touch
- how to give and receive touch wholeheartedly
- the art of taking (with consent)
- be able to ask for what you REALLY want
- how to experience and to increase both
  direct and indirect pleasure
- the difference between what you WANT and
  what you are WILLING to
- how you can more easily feel, value, and express
  your impulses
- the theory around the Wheel of Consent and how it can
  be a help to get better relationships
- how to avoid getting caught in the shadow sides
- how to get back to consent if you happen to end up
  in the shadow sides
- why we sometimes do not ask for what we want
- what we do instead of asking for what we want
- how to strengthen the various spiritual aspects
  of the Wheel of Consent
- discussions and Q&A
- sharing, where you can share your experiences and
  listen to others experiences and insights

❁ Consent
The Wheel of Consent basis is - as the name suggests - that everything is done with consent. But for consent to work, we need to become aware of our own patterns and understand how different dynamics in relationships work. Know more about power dynamics, the shadow sides, and how we can create trust in each other. We need to learn how to have clear communication and find out what we really want and what makes us feel good. Because otherwise, it is difficult to know what we really give consent to. That is why we will, among other things, explore the four different "roles" in the Wheel of Consent. These four roles provide the opportunity to experience more pleasure, but they also have their challenges and shadow sides that are important to become aware of and know how to handle.

❁ For whom the course is aimed
The course is for beginners, but also for you who have practiced the Wheel of Consent before. Because what most people experience is that you continuously experience new depths and insights the more you practice.
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Do you need Coaching?
I offer coaching via phone, Zoom, or Skype around Sexsibility, Tantra, The Wheel of Consent, relationship problems, or other things that you need support for.

The situation with the Coronavirus has been difficult and challenging for many people. Both for those who have been alone and those who have been together twenty-four-seven. Then there may be a need for support/coaching to transform blockages, find a direction, or find out what you really want. Or just to talk in a conscious and present way with someone who listens empathetically without judging.

Right now: SEK 540 for one hour, then SEK 90 per started quarter (15 min). Email or call me to book a time.

Mobile: +46722811178
Skype: +46855916021 
Mail: lorenzo@starspray.com


Tantra Pleasure and Healing Workshop Tantraworkshop Tantrakurs

Tantra - Pleasure and healing
Nov 11- 14, 2021 at Ängsbacka
Lorenzo Stiernquist

Exact date coming soon.
Send an email to lorenzo@starspray.com and say that you are interested and you will receive information before others.

Pleasure is a fantastic way to support healing. When we feel pleasure, we open up, we let go, we’re saying “yes” and we are present - here and now. In that state, anything can surface; lust, joy, vulnerability as well as feelings of shame. During this workshop we will devote ourselves to pleasure - purely because it is pleasurable -  and also because pleasure will support our healing and deepening our connection to expand and open up for even more joy and pleasure in life.

This is a workshop for you who want to:
- feel more alive and become more present
- heal feelings of shame, guilt and sexual wounds
- increase your ability to be close to other people
- explore new sides of yourself
- unite sexuality and spirituality
- feel more love for yourself and your body
- feel more love for other people and life itself

What we will do
During the weekend you can choose to focus on what you need to practice regarding sex and intimacy. It’s usually a lot of physical touch and many exercises to feel safe, confident, relaxed with your self and others and be supported to transform obstacles and feel more pleasure.

Tantra is about being with what is right now and therefore we will adjust the content of the workshop to what happens in the group. This means that all workshops are different.

Here are examples of what we might do:

- practicing intimacy and being close to others
- practice conscious and empathetic touch, giving and
  receiving massage
- exercises to feel and communicate what we want and   need
- express feelings and truths, without taking responsibility
  for other people’s reactions
- get better at saying YES and fully indulge ourselves
- practice saying NO and setting healthy boundaries
- breathing exercises that gives more energy, presence
  and deepens the experience
- exercises that can increase the energy flow in the body
  and facilitate ecstatic experiences and
- peaceful and/or dynamic Tantric meditations
- explore intimate contact with other people using all
- training to follow impulses, dare to take initiative, lead
  and express our power
- an opportunity to be held and let go
- dancing to celebrate life, experience a free flow in the
  body and increase the presence
- sharing our inner experiences with each other

Pleasure and healing
In Tantra sexuality, touch and pleasure are amazing tools that support you in unfolding your loving heart and finding harmony in your body and soul. We use these tools to either enjoy the moment, or to increase awareness of what is preventing us from experiencing our natural state of love and pleasure. Also by practicing conscious breathing, the flow of sexual energy naturally arises and through respectful and loving touch, we have the opportunity to heal and transform those obstacles.

It’s in the state of pleasure and through embracing what is that healing can take place. It’s when we face, accept and love those parts of ourselves (which we previously tried to escape, repress or control) that these frozen parts can melt and flow, in the same way as ice becomes water.

Warmly Welcome
We welcome you regardless of sexual orientation, preference or experience, whether you are single or have one or more partners. Welcome to a space where you can be who you are and become who you want to be.

Registration and more info: www.angsbacka.se

More about what Tantra is
But before you sign up, you may want to know more about how I view Tantra and how that is the basis for my Tantra workshops. You may have heard people say, "Tantra is not just about sex." and that it is a "spiritual path." But my experience is that people do not talk so much talk about "those other things" in Tantra. So I have briefly written about what I think Tantra and tantra sex is about. Among other things, that it is an approach to life, where you accept (not judge) and embrace and be with what is. Saying YES to life, become more present, and "just be" in the present moment. To break limiting norms and taboos, go beyond opposites and duality and instead become one with everything. And that tantra sex is simply having sex with this tantric approach. Read more>>

How we handle the situation with the Coronavirus
We will have the workshop in line with current restrictions. We will be a maximum of 30 people in the workshop room, wash our hands thoroughly and keep the distance during meals. You need to consent to all your interactions (eg before hugging someone).

We welcome people who are healthy and who have no symptoms. If you do not feel well, we expect you to cancel your participation before arrival and if you get symptoms when you are on site, you need to leave the workshop.

The safest thing is if you bring a friend / partner (or several) and you can then do the exercises together and keep your distance from others. But you can also come alone and do the exercises with someone else who also wants to do this. But of course there is nothing we can force anyone to do.

So, there will be people who are close to each other at the workshop. And there will be intimate exercises for those who want to participate in these. Sweden has chosen an approach for Convid-19 where it is not about ensuring that no one will be infected but instead "flattening the curve". If you belong to a risk group or are in close contact with risk groups, you need to consider your decision to come to Ängsbacka carefully.

Let us send loving thoughts to all who are affected by the coronavirus and respond to this challenge with care, practical help, respect and even more love. As you probably already know, love (and oxytocin) is very good for the immune system.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Registration and more info:



Lorenzo Stiernquist
Mobile: +46 722 81 11 78
E-mail: lorenzo@starspray.com


Sexsibility Ängsbacka

Sexsibility at Ängsbacka 
August 3-8, 2021

Considering how amazing it was last summer, I can only say one thing: make sure that you will be there.

And as usual, we aim to hold the event in the same safe way (in all aspects) that you expect from us and have got used to.

And for me, just thinking about that we will be able to see each other this summer at Ängsbacka and celebrate life together feels absolutely wonderful.

Book the dates in your calendar now.

More information:

Intervju om Sexsibilityfestivalen

The story behind Sexsibility!
Janice Baleson interviewed me about what Sexsibility is and how it all started. We're talking about the Sexsibility Festival, Tantra, Coronavirus, consent and my personal story with resistance, fears, and also the wonderful experience over 12 years of hosting the Sexsibility festival. I also share about my motivation for doing this and how to include all genders and sexual preferences. Janice also shares her experience and perception of coming to Ängsbacka and Sexsibility for the first time. Especially as a single woman. On her YouTube channel, she also has more interviews from participants and teachers from the Sexsibility community.
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Q&A with Lorenzo about Tantra 
Read about how I became interested in Tantra, and what it means to me personally and how it benefits me in my daily life. And also about how Tantra can offer you more pleasure and healing.

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Lorenzo Stiernquist - Sexsibility Sex Tantra Massage the wheel of consent
Lorenzo Stiernquist


"If you would like
to give
someone a gift
for the moment,
relieve their pain.
If you would like
to give
someone a gift
for life,
help them to face
the pain and
embrace life
as it is."

Lorenzo Stiernquist


''Sex is only the surface. Tantra is much too complex for me to discuss. But it's about reconnecting with the world of the spirit through everyday things. My church happens to be the person I live with. She is my connection to
the sacred.''

“The art is not how Tantric
a position is,
but how Tantrically you fuck
in any position”

Barbara Carrellas
one of the teachers at the Sexsibility coach training



The Wheel of Consent

Download the Wheel of Consent (PDF)



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